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November 21, 2013
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PMA Application - FLAREON Aya Navi by NoaQep PMA Application - FLAREON Aya Navi by NoaQep


Pokemon: Flareon
Nickname: Aya (takes the last name “Navi” from her last owner.)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: August 13th
Current Age: 23 years of toil & trouble
Orientation: Panromantic Androsexual – Attracted to manly/masculine people regardless of biological gender

:bulletyellow: Lucas
:bulletgreen: Linoone
:bulletyellow: A true family man, Lucas has always been one to provide for his family even when it isn’t really his responsibility, considering how Pokémon families rarely exist past the breeding stage. Privately owned along with his mate, protecting his family is number one priority—besides stealing everything he can from passerby when he’s out on the town, posing as a street rat. Behind Farris’s back, he keeps track of his daughter’s whereabouts even to the far region of Kalos. He’s proud of his daughter for having a life, even if he doesn’t necessarily know just why she’s living the life she is.

:bulletred: Farris
:bulletpurple: Flareon
:bulletred: Cold, blunt, and emotionless, Farris the Flareon is owned privately by a small, wealthy family in Hoenn, where she resides with her mate, Lucas. They only were bred once, to have Aya, whose egg ended up getting stolen right afterwards. Her detached emotions allowed her to not sulk about it too much, but suspicion arose from Lucas’s optimism. Indoors is her constant habitat due to a fear of being outside.

:bulletgreen: None

Romantic Partner: None EVERYONE
Offspring: None

Pokemon Stats

Current Level: Rule 34
Nature: Naughty (+Atk, -Sp Def)
Characteristic: Good Endurance (+Def)

:bulletorange: Quick Attack
Flareon: Dashing forward, Aya strikes her opponent in a harsh tackle to the ground.
Pokehuman: With incredible legwork, she’s able to move swift on her feet sprinting forward to tackle her opponent as if in a game of American football.
:bulletgreen: Fire Fang
Flareon: Stabilizing her body on all fours beforehand, flames flicker between canines as she sinks her teeth into her opponent’s flesh. Incredible jaw strength lets her sink them right to the bone, cauterizing the wound on impact, leaving her with little to no bloodstains on her precious fur.
Pokehuman: A move she is least likely to use in Pokehuman form, she will only use it as a last resort in close-quarters combat. With a weaker jaw but just as strong teeth, thanks to the Dittech device malfunctioning, she goes for more-vital spots, such as the neck or wrists.
:bulletorange: Covet
Flareon: Much like Quick Attack, it is formed more as tackling the opponent to the ground. With this move, however, she also frisks the opponent and hijacks any items on their person. It will be often that, afterwards, she’ll use Quick Attack to get away—or Bite to cause her prey to flinch.
Pokehuman: Instead of tackling her opponent, she will brush up against them or play out an act, such as accidentally falling against them or tripping and crashing into them. During the scuffle, she will steal whatever item(s) she was seeking to obtain, and vamoose from the scene immediately.
:bulletgreen: Bite
Flareon: Strong jaws and stable build aid in securing her foe in a tight, binding Bite. Most often, it will be used to momentarily cause flinching in her opponent as a mere means to escape, or she will use it in cause of superior type advantage.
Pokehuman: Oh, the things that can be done with Bite in the human stage. But, alas, very few times can they be allowed outside of the bedroom. She doesn’t like to use this move often, if at all, due to the horrible tastes the human tongue grants compared to her Flareon form.

Battle Stats:
Attack: :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
Defense: :star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Speed: :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
Sp. Attack: :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
Sp. Defense: :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:

Residence: in your pants A small residential apartment within Lumiose City. She’s taken up the human guise of renting an apartment, which isn’t too hard considering her paychecks paying easily a few months rent ahead of time. Independence is indeed a luxury, considering she also doesn’t need any roommates—except the occasional “friend.”

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation: Working at the wondrous Boutique Couture is a dream come true for this little lady. Around glorious clothing and only the most stylish people in all of Kalos can be the only job for such a lady as Aya. Her flair for fashion even in her Flareon form, when she would aid in her trainer’s clothing decisions, can be put to good use at her job.

Town of Residence: Lumiose City – Close to her job and a beautiful town, the city had captivated Aya since day one. She had first been drawn by the sense of electricity in the air, both metaphorically and literally considering the Electric gym in the center of the city. Whether it is relaxing at one of the many cafés, splurging during shopping sprees, or just taking a stroll through one of the great plazas, there’s always something that will catch this Flareon’s eye.

Appearance: Flaming orange hair isn’t your everyday thing, even when there’s already so much variety in human styles in Kalos. Add in neon green eyes and a golden…tail?! and you’re likely to stand out. Her build isn’t athletic, chubby, or lithe, instead purely average. It disappointed her, somewhat, to have a build not of a model or a star athlete. Then again, she was a Flareon—might as well be grateful she didn’t end up incredibly misshapen, considering the mistakes the Dittech device, worn as a ring on her left hand under her glove, was known for.

Unfortunately, her tail did indeed follow her to Pokehuman form, as did her sharp fangs. Both are handled appropriately with style: her tail, she wraps around her waist as a fashion statement. To add to the guise, she had a top custom-made with authentic Flareon golden fur and gloves. Her fangs, she passes off as merely dental work done as an unruly teenager. She doesn’t plan on fixing them any time soon, though. Fangs were apparently a thing for some people. Who knew?

Keeping one’s appearance entirely maintained is a constant concern for her. Hair needs to be in place, wrinkles kept out of clothing, and not a speck of dirt or grime on her person. It can be a tad difficult to maintain appearances, however, considering her fascination with electricity and, naturally, fire. Learning how to keep under control around such things is still a process for her, admittedly.


    Personality: One thing you need to understand with Aya: she is vain, and she knows it. Although it’s not anywhere within her nature, her confidence and self-security know no bounds. She won’t outright demean another person for their appearance unless they get on her nerves enough—which is a fairly easy task in itself. Try to call her out on it, and she will agree with you. Try to fight back, and she will shoot you down. There’s very little she won’t respond to, so be ready for a quick response and a long fight, as the last word just cannot go to her adversary.

    Dirt, slime, and grime are her enemies, as are any Pokémon that cause such horrid things upon her person. If there’s a Muk around, she’ll smell it and gag. If there’s a Goodra hanging around, she’ll want to leave immediately. Even Tentacool make her shudder, with their slick, watery bodies. She understands that they’re just Pokémon, too, but that doesn’t mean she’s disgusted any less. The same goes for humans who lack the ability to bathe regularly. It’s the main reason she doesn’t care for crowds: too much touching with people who probably don’t know the meaning of the word “hygiene.”

    Temperament is not a problem for this lady. At least, she doesn’t believe so. Sure, you can bump into her and piss her off, or get just one hair out of place and piss her off, or just look at her wrong and piss her off, or exist and piss her off… Her temper’s quite bad, actually, but she’ll never admit it. She believes she has the patience of a saint—which is only true if she thinks you’re hot.

    Catty arguments are one thing, but debates are a whole different playing field. Intelligent facts are few and far between, as this girl goes by what she can see and know right there instead of long-lasting information and specifics. Random trivia tends to be a common thing for her, however, so if you’re ever looking for useless knowledge, she’ll often grant it. Silly trivia is in fact a coping mechanism for her in times of distress, whether suffered on her own or with someone else.

    On the job, the customer is always right…until proven otherwise. Politeness and a smile—no teeth, of course; no need to scare off the customers—go a long way, but cross her path and she will make sure “shop ‘til you drop” will take on a whole new meaning. She enjoys her job even with the more-arrogant clientele and coworkers, making a pretty check and sustaining experience in the fashion industry. It is also one of the most least-likely jobs to sustain heavy damage on the job, so keeping her Pokehuman appearance is a cinch.

    Speaking of uncomfortable, she’s also put on edge thanks to large people. Pokemon like Abomasnow and Hariyama, she’s okay with. Gyarados and Golurk? No thanks, she’ll stay at the other side of the world away from them. Just what is the source of her abnormal fear of tall creatures, she has no idea, just that they’d better stay away or else…else…else she’d cry. A lot. And no one likes a crying flufflebutt.

    When alone, she’s prone to talking to herself. She cannot stand silence, so if there is no one else there to talk, she’ll provide the noise herself. Does it make her crazy? Not in the least, in her opinion. Although if other people do it, they’re downright loco.

    Daytime is her moment of activity, the night being left for either sleep or chores. It’s the highest point of temperature, and the sun is most often always shining brightly. Such a wonderful time to spend outside, to just have fun! Although, if there’s one thing she has to complain about with Lumiose City, it’s how one section of town is prone to rain storms thanks to the route leaving town being hit with them frequently. And the water and ground Pokémon that tend to inhabit it… Eugh…

    No matter what this girl thinks of you, she’ll always adore attention. She never seeks it, but whenever given, even in the sarcastic sense, it’s incredibly appreciated. Her ego is large enough, don’t underestimate that, and there’s very little she’s self-conscious about. But, when complimented in even a non-serious manner, she will take it to heart and not let it go ungratefully.

    Despite her Fire typing, she doesn’t mind water in regulated amounts. Baths, showers, and even swimming can all be perfectly normal events for her. Anything like swimming in giant bodies of water, floods, or having to fight Water Pokémon, however, and this Flareon will flee as fast as she can. Not only is her safety at stake in such circumstances, but it can also mess up her beautiful look! Such a catastrophe it can cause.

    Social skills are a strong point for her only if they are required, such as at a gala or a press conference. Neither of which she attends often, so her real social skills come to light as very lacking. Brash, a tad lewd, and rarely holding punches is how her conversational pattern goes. The only times she will be genuinely nice is if you somehow tolerate her enough and get on her good side to where you’re considered a friend, she thinks you’re hot, or you’re a kid. Which, even with the last option, she will rarely be nice, but just a little bit more than adults. Juuust a little bit.

    Relationships—if they can even be called that—are fleeting, often consisting of mere flirtation and possibly a little touching. She’ll never regard friends in such a manner, or flirt with someone for too long, much less let it lead to something more. Sticking with the same person for too long is an uncomfortable situation for her, and even quaint friendship makes her nervous at the mere thought.

    Her honest inexperience in many things is something she does her best to hide, especially when advice is sought from her, mostly from one of her best childhood friends who’s sadly far away at the moment. With immense confidence, she will do her best to feign knowledge, going so far as to guess on answers when questioned.  But, it’s all out of good intentions, truly. … Sometimes.

    History: In a nutshell, you can easily assume Aya’s history to be spoiled. Her vain attitude, her flair for the materialistic, and degrading remarks would be telltale signs of that, especially considering her parents’ backgrounds from a wealthy family.

    However, it is quite the opposite. Let us start from the very beginning, where Aya was in her little cradle of an Egg. A single Eevee, bred from two very carefully-selected Pokémon in a private family-owned daycare, was meant for big things. To be shown off in Pokémon contests and shows, to be presented in commercials for various odds and ends, to be a model for Pokémon everywhere just how to look and act and live. That was the life written out for the little being in the cradle.

    At least, until the Egg was stolen one night. Being wealthy means being a target for thievery, and the daycare didn’t exactly have top-notch security when there was only one Egg to be cared for. She was meant to be a star, and ended up being a hostage.

    Before the Egg hatched, it was transported far across the land from where she came. The region of Hoenn was vast, and once it was placed on a plane for take-off, it would never see Hoenn again. Carried across the waters, across the expanses of mountain and forest, the little Eevee within could not fathom just what was going on before she was even truly born.

    Once landing in her new region of Kalos, her new owners placed their hands upon her shell. What was within was sure to grant wealth and prestige to their lowly selves, considering just where it came from. Was it a rare Pokémon? Was it bred to be a monster in battle? A beauty amongst beauties? Perhaps even the rarity that was a Shiny?

    When the first cracks began and the little pounding of paws against the shell sounded, the thieves held their breaths—only to be disappointed by the reveal of a plain, brown Eevee. What the heck…? These were rampant amongst Kalos! They could have just ran off and snagged one from the nearest flower bush, for all they cared. And it was no better than the lot of them.

    Yet…it was still valuable. Had to be, to have been guarded so well for so long, by such prosperous landowners. They kept the little Eevee around, not really caring for her more than just what could be a means to a truly cruel end. Nothing seemed all that special. No real different moves except the one Covet, but that wasn’t even anything to brag about except for further thievery.

    There was no use in her. And if they couldn’t use the Eevee, might as well try to profit off of her how they could: by selling her off to the next loser.

    And the next loser did indeed arrive, an average joe by the name of … Well, his name isn’t all that important, now, is he? This is about Aya, you silly, no need to focus on other people. What? His name actually is important…?

    And the next loser did indeed arrive, an average joe by the name of Beck Navi. He didn’t really stand out from any crowds, or excel in any specific field, much like the Eevee. Fresh out of college, he desired a Pokémon compatriot by his side on the rest of his Pokémon journey.

    Jumping on the chance to own an Eevee when he himself was far too old to even garner a starter Pokémon—and an Eevee for a first Pokémon, something only seen in that wasteland region of Orre! And—where was it called? Kanto, or something like that? Either way, such a perfect find!

    And so the bonding began between foolish trainer and Eevee. Beck did his best to find just something to name the Eevee. What was a good name? Wasn’t there that one… It meant “gorgeous” or something like that, didn’t it? Maybe it was “ghoulish”… Either way, a name was indeed decided: Aya.

    With a newfound name and a new life set out for her when all she knew was cold shoulders and even colder shoulders, Aya was optimistic as a little tyke of a fluffball. If only her trainer felt the same way. Beck realized as time went on that life wasn’t favorable even to those that worked hard in school. Struggling to find a proper path in life when it seemed like mundane jobs were all that was left for him, he finally found a chance: a new organization was formed, and needing members!

    Eager for new opportunities such as that one, Beck headed out with his lone Eevee by his side to join up. It was costly: five million Pokedollars costly, to be exact. Did he have such money? After a few phone calls and deals, he did. But, there was another thing: it looked like the organization required experience in battling. With just an Eevee, he wasn’t going to be able to get very far in battles. What to do, what to do… He wasn’t the type to go out and catch his own Pokémon, and he was very content with Aya. Maybe…?

    Yes, there was the choice: evolution! But into what? Eevee was the one Pokémon that had the most evolutionary possibilities. A cool Glaceon, or a smooth Espeon…? Maybe even a fresh Leafeon or friendly Sylveon! But, all of those choices seemed hard to evolve. Wasn’t it with friendship, in certain circumstances? He couldn’t waste time just trying to evolve one Pokémon when time was indeed of the essence.

    Stones. Wasn’t that what three of the evolutions required? Fire, Water, and Thunder—Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon respectively, of course. But, such objects were incredibly rare. Just how was a normal shmuck like him supposed to find such valuables?

    Easy: the Stone Emporium in Lumiose City! Advertised widely for having a large stock of such valuable items across Kalos was a perfect place to try. And indeed, they had them, but only Water and Fire, narrowing down the selection to a mere two.

    Beck, admittedly, wasn’t too keen on having a slimy Vaporeon—their skin was known for being slick like water, and their appearance wasn’t too beautiful despite being considered mermaids. He was fond of the fluff and warmth of an Eevee, so why not increase that tenfold by evolving her into a Flareon?

    Choice made, the duo joined the brand new organization, which went under the moniker of “Team Flare.” Odd name, considering there was very little Fire around except for the bright red suits and many redheaded members. It was strange, seeing so many fellow redheads around him and dressed like him. It was like he still didn’t stand out except for one thing: his Pokémon.

    Having a Flareon was uncommon, apparently, and he was proud of it. Finally, something to make him stand out! No exceptional looks, no amazing fame, but such a small thing meant the world to him, as did Aya. Together, they enjoyed their time in Team Flare.

    Beck was able to pick up fashion tips from the resident teams, as did Aya. Taking care of the bunches of fur and keeping her prim and proper was a must, he considered. After all, she was his prized, precious, pretty Pokémon. Even though they still didn’t battle much, appearances were a must should the field of battle arise. And, even if it didn’t, strutting around like the hot stuff they were was always available.

    In little to no time at all, Beck had finally found a home. Aya thought so, too—until requirements and changes were made.

    Rules and regulations from the team leader were settled out amongst the grunts. Certain Pokémon were to be used, and only the listed ones, nothing else. No matter how many times Beck read the list and reread it, Flareon was nowhere to be found amongst the species permitted. To his disdain, he would have to surrender his one and only prize if he wanted to stay amongst the team, or surrender what he paid five million Pokedollars to keep his one and only best friend.

    Aya had no idea what was going on when she was being taken out of Lysandre café, or down the streets, or to the gate of one of the Routes, or past the gate and onto the Route itself. She had no idea what was happening when Beck was making weird noises, water coming down from his eyes. She had no idea what he meant by “stay,” before starting to walk away. Walk away? She was to follow, right by his side! What did he mean, “stay back”? “Don’t follow”? She sat down, and was praised for doing so. The praise continued—such wonderful praise, beautiful praise, she was such a good Flareon—as Beck grew further and further away from her. And soon vanished into the crowds of the Lumiose City streets beyond the gate.

    There, Aya sat for a few minutes. The few minutes turned into an hour. The hour turned into two, then three, and soon six had gone by. Boredom sunk in fast within the very first hour, and by the very last, she was lying down and near sleep. But no, Beck had told her to stay. She had be on the look out for him, right? He had to come back, definitely.

    No one came back. No one even passed by her, as she stayed near the abandoned playground. Thunder boomed off in the distance with the scent and threat of rain. Rain…that was bad for Fire types, wasn’t it? Great for Water, though, which she was not. Maybe she should have been evolved into a Vaporeon—would have made lying in the rain easier on her.

    Disobeying orders, she ended up not staying, instead moving into the gate to take shelter from the storm. Where had Beck gone? Was he all right? Had to have been all right—he told for her to stay, which meant he was coming back, wasn’t he?

    But he wasn’t. And he never did.

    Feeling heartbroken for the first time in her life, Aya wandered back into the streets. Her fur, once taken care of so meticulously, was now clinging to her body, damp from the stormy weather. Her eyes, often determined and bright with pride, were sunken with sorrow and confusion. Her strut was gone, replaced by a slow dragging of a walk. A sad sight she was indeed, matching her emotions.

    Re-entering Lumiose City, she quickly grew lost. Where was she? She had never ventured without Beck, and that was often with him leading. She never paid attention to her surroundings, only to him, when they traveled, unless it was truly breathtaking like a sunset or a glorious piece of architecture. Such beauty, surrounding her, now meaningless in the face of tragedy.

    Abandoned. That’s what she was. The realization sank in deeply, horribly, taking over her very soul. It hurt both emotionally and physically, almost dropping her to her knees with each step she took. Where was she even going? She had no idea. No idea about anything that had happened that horrid day. But had to keep going.

    Another human encountered her, picking her up almost immediately and nuzzling her with her own nose. What was this human doing? She was acting incredibly rude, picking her up like that and going so far as to touch noses without permission. Such a rude human—wait, human, where are you taking her? Put her down, this instant! Aya wasn’t too pleased with the new carrying, but at least someone was paying attention to her. Was this human going to abandon her, too? Wouldn’t surprise her.

    Into one of the many buildings lining the streets, and into an elevator. Elevator… It reminded her of the Team Flare HQ. Elevators and stairs and halls and…Beck. They were in a hotel, but it still reminded her so much of her now-past trainer.

    Into a random room down the hall, and onto the bed she was sat. What was this human doing, anyway? What wa—whoa, whoa, WHOA!! That human just transformed into a Pokémon!

    In that mere hotel room, the human-turned-Pokémon explained that there was a thing called a Dittech device. And mocked Aya for being sheltered, considering how long it had been around. Feeling a bit scorned by the insult but curious about the device, she inquired just how a small device could make such a huge change. After all. humans were supposed to be superior over Pokémon, despite all the monsters’ powers and strength in comparison. Just how were they able to switch places so easily?

    Such a thing would give her power. She wouldn’t need a trainer or humans—wouldn’t need Beck. She’d be able to get around herself, talk to humans, look like them and blend in with them and possibly be herself without having to think of how much she was worth to them to stick around long enough. She had been stolen and sold, loved and then abandoned. If that was what a Pokémon’s life consisted of, she wanted no part of it. Humans had power over them indeed, the power to steal and sell and love and then take it all away.

    She wanted that power. Needed it. Craved it.

    Demanding just how she would have been able to get one, the Pokehuman said it would be exceptionally easy. Only available to Pokémon, unknown to humans. No humans must know of the existence of the device or to Pokehumans at all. That was the only rule. If it was followed, Aya was able to have the device as freely as she wanted. Less than a clap of the hands, and she could be human, or at least the closest thing to it.

    She obliged, whole-heartedly. A human, on Beck’s level—she didn’t need him, didn’t need him at all! So grateful she was to the Pokehuman that introduced her to it. She was odd and very affectionate, that was for sure—so much so that it put Aya on edge. She wasn’t used to such open affection except from Beck, and Beck this chick was not. Nice meeting, lady, but it was time for her to vamoose.

    Out on her own, it was time to try out the human form. What would it be? Would it be fantastic, beautiful, overly gorgeous, monstrous, angelic, fat, thin, tall, short?! So many options—humans were so varying, unlike Pokémon. Usually it was just one set appearance with slight differentiations between them, and that was it—at least, from what she had seen. As a human, would she see more? Oh, so much more. So much freedom!

    … Not what she had bargained for. A normal form, with normal looks except for her bright orange hair—like Beck’s, it was—and her neon green eyes. Surveying herself in a hall mirror, she wasn’t too pleased, but she could work with it. This was at least appealing enough to her. … Odd. Didn’t humans usually wear clothes? Why didn’t the device prototype those for her?

    Getting out of the awkward situation thanks to her Pokehuman pal, she was thrown into the hotel room yet again, with much protest from the now-human Aya. Just what was this lady’s deal, taking her this way and that forcibly? … Wait, not wearing clothes was a bad thing, a very bad thing in the human world?

    … This was going to be a loooong journey ahead of her.

:bulletgreen: Her theme song is Our Truth, by Lacuna Coil.
:bulletorange: Her favorite season is spring. She will be so happy that all that stupid snow and ice is gone and the days start getting longer. And flowers. So many flowers to burn.
:bulletgreen: Electricity and fire fascinates her, automatically luring her into a trance-like state. Just what causes it is unknown, but it just might be her natural type being Fire enticing her with the dangerous elements.
:bulletorange: Beck is a sensitive topic for her. Vague answers and snappy retorts are all you’ll get from her if the topic is started.
:bulletgreen: Battling isn’t really her expertise, thanks to how little she’s partaken in it in her lifetime, whether as human or Flareon. She’s hoping to get better, though, but won’t openly admit it to anyone. That’d be admitting her biggest weakness, being all bark and mostly no bite. She’ll still do her best to kick someone’s ass, though, should they piss her off enough.
:bulletorange: Despite having the move Covet, she does her best not to steal too often unless it’s food. Food should be available to all whenever it’s required, she believes.
:bulletgreen: Still getting used to human laws and customs, she might accidentally break one or two that Pokémon often get away with. Like eating food off the ground. Apparently that’s a bad thing. (Who made that a rule, anyway?)
:bulletorange: Now able to be a human, her dream job is to work in fashion or at least something dealing with the visual arts, like interior design or ice sculpting. Having a natural affinity for Fire, ice sculpting would be the easiest thing! …So long as the ice didn’t melt too much, that is…
:bulletgreen: Her number one weakness is experiencing physical pain. Why? D’ohohoho~

:bulletblack: Hate
:bulletorange: Fear
:bulletwhite: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Respect
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletyellow: Good Friend
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Platonic Love
:heart: Romantic Love

User Info

Time Zone: E.S.T. (GMT -5:00) – MICHIGAN, U.S.A.

Chat Availability:
**WARNING I paragraph roleplay, also known as storybook roleplay and forum roleplay. If this is a problem with you, I am sorry, but I am doing my best to increase my writing abilities after having rested for so long away from serious writing!**
Notes: Always open! I may lag at times, taking a day or two to respond, but I do my best to keep roleplays from dying, and I will give notice in case there will be a prolonged hiatus extending the span of three days (which is rare, unless power goes out/internet dies.)
Chat: I honestly am not used to using deviantART chatrooms. I have used Skype, but with roleplaying, I like to take it at an easy pace, so chatrooms I will not frequent unless it is an event held by the PMA staff or I am bored during my time off.
Skype: I do have Skype, but will only be willing to share it with you if I have known you longer than a month and know that you will be the one receiving my name, no one else.
MSN/AIM/Yahoo! Messenger: I don’t use any of these, so apologies in advance!

Role-Play Example:

A few minutes to himself. That was all he was allowed before footsteps could be heard from the staircase nearby.

Aya hopped on down, brush in one hand and notebook in the other. She was getting a few loose strands back in place meticulously on her way. Instead of the ranger outfit, she had on a long, violet night gown that barely reached her knees. Aaaaand that was pretty much about it.

"Okay, let's keep this short and sweet before I have to kick you again for...whatever reason," she muttered, tossing her brush back towards the stairs behind her, approaching Leo's cell.

Before beginning much of anything, she had to drag over a chair, plop it down right in front row, and sit herself down in it. For being someone that was so obsessed over appearances, she wasn't too much for them at the moment, what with her sloppy sitting posture. Saggy shoulders, leaning back in the chair, and lazily crossing one leg over the other.

"Why the bloody hell were you trespassing on the mountainside when it's known as a dangerous spot for travelers and usually closed off?" she questioned, resting the notebook on her lap. She wasn't too interested in his answer, or the idea of questioning him, or even talking to him. No thank you. Her job sucked.


Running on up from the staircase, the Garchomp nearly collided with the other Ranger. Nearly. His fantastic brake system worked wonders when it came to near-accidents. Very useful, especially with so many careless members about. And by so many, they were lucky if it was at most five at any given time. Rangers, always outside. Not like Morosity complained--he was quite content by his lonesome.

He gave a few twitchy tilts of the head at the face in front of him, before letting out a little screech and heading off.

"Oi, don't wander too much. We got a prisoner downstairs, and last thing we need is you to get maimed or something by his crazy ass," Asphodel called from the room nearby to the other Ranger. He had to look out for the young ones, always did, since he was one of the oldest ones there. Kind of sad, making him feel older than he should have. And yet Aya was the one getting called old hag. Heh.
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Oh my god really?
Wow I'm in love with her.

Would you be up to an rp sometime?
NoaQep Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh, yepyep! ovo I'm hoping to set up an RP tracker for her, in fact. Unless you had an original RP idea in mind at the moment? o3o
LolliDragon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'm in the middle of making Melanie's rp tracker right now OTL 
I can wait, or you can choose one of Melanie's one it's up. eve
NoaQep Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Professional General Artist
Mwahaha, gotcha~ uvu
HappyNinjaPichu Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Student
NoaQep Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
Takethra Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woohoohoo! She looks great! C:
NoaQep Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thankye! :D
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